NEW RELEASE- Darkest Before Dawn by Amelia Hutchins

October 14, 2014 New Releases 0

by Amelia Hutchins

DBD release 2

Going through an apocalyptic event doesn’t mean the end of the world.


My dad is a modern day Noah, you know building an ark, trying to save folks and getting my brother, and I ready for the impending end of days – whatever that means.


Nothing in his prepper manuals had us ready for what actually happened.

I had nothing to prepare me for Jaeden and Lachlan. Heck, I don’t know of any girl that would have been prepared for those two.


There was nothing to prepare us for the things that go bump in the night or zombies, although now that I think on it, zombies might have been easier to deal with than what really happened. No, an apocalyptic event is just a set-up for things in our world to be shaken AND stirred.


What will rise from the ruins remains to be seen.


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About The Author

Amelia lives in the great Pacific Northwest with her family. When not writing, she can be found on her page Erotica Book Club hanging out with her favorite book junkies. She’s an avid reader of everything paranormal romance.







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