Fragment by Ellie Wade

August 26, 2014 Reviews 0 ★★★★★

Fragment by Ellie WadeFragment by Ellie Wade
on 8/16/14
Genres: Romance
Pages: 260
Format: eARC
What happens when something so terrible tears you apart from the inside out?

You become a fragment of yourself.

On the right path to achieving her hopes and dreams, Campbell Stevens has always been a model student. The first time she lets loose during her senior year of high school, she loses everything.

Living in a nightmare after surviving the most traumatic event, Campbell learns to be content by walking through life single and unattached, free of the uncertainty that relationships bring. She isn’t looking for love. In fact, she goes out of her way to avoid it—that is, until she runs into Deacon Montgomery, a kind and handsome Chicago firefighter. She denies her instant attraction to him, only making him more persistent in his pursuit of her. Despite her desire to be with Deacon, Campbell is too damaged to share herself with anyone else.

Life left Campbell shattered. Can Deacon help put the fragments back together? Or will she forever be broken?

****For adult/18+ for language and sexual content*****
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Hands down I give this book five stars!

Ellie Wade did a beautiful job of grabbing the reader and holding their attention from the beginning to the very end. The book starts out following Campbell Stevens and her best friend Lexi on spring break where Cam’s whole life is turned upside down. Her whole world as she knows it falls apart leaving her in a shattered mess. She decides to get away and goes to Chicago. Chicago leads her to a new life, New lessons, and a new love interest. She created a world where the characters are your best friends and the leading man every woman’s fantasy. I know sexy fireman Deacon Montgomery is mine. He rides that line of confident and cocky gracefully making you say one more page, one more chapter. This book has it all life altering events, love, and don’t forget a hot sexy fireman. Make sure you have a fan close because this one’s a scorcher!!!

– Tana 


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