Review: Riveted by MA Stone

June 12, 2014 Reviews 0 ★★★★

Review: Riveted by MA StoneRiveted by M.A. Stone
Series: Drawn #1
on 3/12/14
Pages: 200
Format: eARC
Bleu Drawn had everything she could ever want. A smart and caring fiance, a great job at a software company and a sarcastic, yet loving family miles away in Upstate NY. Until she walks in on her fiance and her boss, reenacting a naked rodeo in HER bed. Soon she finds herself going back home to her tattooed, crazy, manwhore twin brother, his equally crazy friends and a bunch of bikers who are oddly enough family. Add in a disappearing family member, a sexy new coworker and her crazy pregnant aunt and she learns that sometimes falling in love is not planned and that family can make you want to commit homicide
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Tana’s Review:

This books starts off with Bleu basically losing everything that she has worked so hard for. In the matter of 24 hours she lost her fiancé, her home, and her job. Left with nothing she decides to cuts her losses and move to her home town to be with the people she knows will love her and be there for her. Once she is back she slowly starts to regain the things she lost; a new job, a place to put her head at night, and a new love interest. However, when things are too good to be true they usually come tumbling down. Just as Bleu comes to a place where she feels good about things her love life and family life become very complicated. Her brother starts becoming distant and is keeping secrets from her. Jack the man that has peak her interest wants to be more than just friends and poor Bleu like most women over thinks things way too much. The answers she finds will leave her and the reader reeling and wanting more. I thought that this book told a great story with a strong female character that not only was tough but someone you could relate to. I can’t wait to read more from M.A. Stone and see how her writing and characters grow.


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Overall: 4

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