Orion the Hunter Bundle

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Orion the Hunter BundleOrion the Hunter: The Complete Anthology by J.D. Chase
Series: Orion the Hunter
on 4/17/14
Genres: Erotica, Mystery, Romance
Pages: 588
Format: eBook
Available exclusively on kindle J. D. Chase' bestselling four part serialized novel, Orion the Hunter, is now available as one complete anthology. The kindle erotica top ten bestselling series comprises: The Hunter, The Hunted, Hunting Lust and Hunting Truth. That's over 230,000 words of sizzling hotness.

Gorgeous Interior Designer, Issy Prince, loves her life in Manhattan with her best friend, Angel. She loves to watch Angel's boyfriend's band and is used to getting the attention of any man she wants. She has no plans to settle down - ever - but has regular hot one night stands. Life is good. Former Dominant, Lucas Hunter, has made millions in the construction sector. The handsome, anti-social, alpha male has been celibate for several years, preferring instead to hit the gym and maintain his awesome physique. When he meets Issy, sparks fly. What happens when two strong minded individuals find that they can't get each other out of their minds? Neither wants to get involved in a relationship but neither can walk away. Dare they embark on a passionate journey into the unknown?

Things come to a head when Issy and the mysterious Lucas Hunter give in to their desires for one wild night. But one is unwilling to walk away and isn't going to give up easily which leads to an inviting proposal. Issy is intrigued by the prospect of a D/s relationship although Lucas is a reluctant Dom.

Meanwhile, the rock band, Denial, find themselves with an unexpected temporary agent who recognizes their potential and who shows them that success is practically theirs for the taking.

But are things as they seem? A malevolent stranger intervenes and turns Issy's world upside down. But he's no stranger to Lucas. Events unfold relating to Lucas' tormented past that could impact massively on his present. His need to hunt down and seek revenge could lead to Lucas losing all that he's worked for and all that he wants. Has he inadvertently brought about his own destruction? And what about the band?

Can the relationship between Lucas and Issy survive the pressure or is the deep, blood-spilled revenge from the past too strong? That decision may just be taken out of their hands ...

An alpha male, a sassy female lead and a rock band ... hmmmmm, sit back and enjoy!

Also included is an extract not previously published in the series.

Caution: this book contains scenes of a sensual and sexual nature, including mild BDSM.
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#New #Favorite Get the Entire Orion the Hunter Series by J.D. Chase for $3.49!! This is one of my all time favorite “billionaire” series! It’s mysterious and just plain sexy!-Kristen

Kristen’s Series Review:

If you are a fan of FSOG or the Crossfire Series I believe you will enjoy this series as much as I did! The story has a strong independent woman(Izzy), a very sexy mysterious billionaire(Lucas), light BDSM elements and even a rock band! What hooked me the most is the mystery surrounding Lucas the male lead.  He’s a total Alpha but at the same time a recluse. Why is hiding himself from the world? What is his real story? As the story unfolds secrets are revealed in a way that keeps you yearning for more. And did I mention that this story is HOT? The slow build to the characters coming together in the bedroom was gripping and totally worth the wait. Because once they do it’s pure sex, smoking HOT ALPHA Sex! 

Some readers have complained about the language having Brittish Elements when the story is set in NYC but honestly I caught it and it did not bother me at all.  Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this series and I am looking forward to more from J.D. Chase in the future <3

Lucky for you the series is finished and can be purchased in this boxed set! I remember the wait for each new part and “freaking out” because I needed the next installment so badly! LOL 



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