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Picture Perfect by Elisabeth GracePicture Perfect by Elisabeth Grace
Series: Limelight #2
on 4/1/14
Genres: Romance
Pages: 284
Format: eARC

Being the daughter of a big-city mayor, twenty-one year old Skye Summers has giant shoes to fill in her first real job out of college. With the public spotlight on her family, and her dad’s expectations running high, she jumps at the chance to work side-by-side on an important project with her sexy new boss.

Playboy entrepreneur Landon Steele has built a successful entertainment PR firm and broken more than a few hearts along the way. He’s counting on his enthusiastic new assistant to help him expand his business into LA… until he discovers she’s a pampered rich girl who’s in the public spotlight as much as his famous clients. Still, he agrees to give her a chance, and soon the two are heating up the bedroom as well as the boardroom.

But when Skye’s ex-boyfriend threatens to reveal a dangerous secret from her past, her job, relationship with Landon, and her father’s career are suddenly all on the line. Will she be forced to leave Landon? Or will she pursue her heart, regardless of the cost?

***Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.***
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Kristen’s Review:

 Picture Perfect by Elisabeth Grace is book #2 in the Limelight Series. It can be read as a standalone. 

Skye Summers grew up in a political family. She knows how to act and what is expected of someone growing up the way she did. She lands her first adult job and is excited to pave her own way. That is until she meets her new boss…

Landon Steele is a hardworking playboy that has been busy building his own empire. He is looking forward to expanding his PR firm to the west coast. But when he meets his new assistant he is in for a shock…

I loved these two!! The sexual chemistry burned from the pages and I enjoyed both of their fight to ignore it! 

If you have read the first book I have to say I think this one is better! I felt more emotional connected to the characters and their plight. Prepare yourself to laugh out loud, swoon and sigh because once Sky and Landon get together it is HOT! Landon is hardworking, protective and oh so sexy- total book boyfriend package! Picture Perfect is a must read! 

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EXCERPT  – Landon’s POV


It was an unseasonably warm day for December in L.A. so the pool deck was busy. I was relaxing on the chaise inside the cabana after giving my drink order to the waiter when I saw Skye making her way across the pool deck. She had on a pair of sunglasses and a floral cover-up with long, billowing sleeves. When she reached the cabana, she smiled wide and dropped her beach bag onto the coffee table in the center.

“The waiter just left. I didn’t order for you because I wasn’t sure what you’d want,” I said.

“I think I’m going to take a dip in the pool. Do you mind ordering me an iced tea when the waiter comes back?”

“Sure thing.”

She slid off her sandals and then proceeded to pull her cover-up off over her head.

I was in trouble.

I was in so much fucking trouble if I thought there was any way I might get through this trip sleeping only a few rooms away from her when she looked like that.

Her swimsuit was a gold one-piece that had a slit all the way down to her belly button and a belt around the waist. I’d been imagining what she’d look like completely naked since I’d first seen her. This swimsuit was giving me a pretty good idea, but apparently my imagination hadn’t been doing her justice.

She smiled at me before heading over to the pool and diving in. It was clear she had no idea the effect seeing her in that tiny bit of fabric had on me. That or she hid it well. Now I’d be trying to hide the wood I’d no doubt be sporting all afternoon.

The waiter returned and I ordered Skye’s drink. A few minutes later, he dropped it off just as Skye was returning to the cabana. He did a double-take as she came up behind him. I couldn’t blame him but it still fueled my competitive nature, seeing another man appreciate her rocking body. Even if she wasn’t mine.

I tipped him a couple of dollars and said, “We’re good for a while. Thanks.” Skye smiled her megawatt, draw-every-man-to-her-within-twenty-feet smile as he passed by her to leave. Fuck me, but I loved that smile. “How was the water?” I asked.

She grabbed a towel off one of the tables and began to dry herself off. “Warmer than I thought it’d be. We got lucky it’s such a nice day out today.”

“The warmers help, too,” I said, motioning to the heater in the roof of the cabana.

“There is that.” She laughed, her entire face lighting up.

She really was breathtaking…and pure…full of light. When I was with her, I forgot about the pressures of growing my business and my strained relationship with my father—everything else just faded into the background and I was just here with her…in the present. And none of the other shit mattered.

When she was done rubbing that damn towel over every inch of her porcelain skin, she came to sit beside me on the couch and grabbed her drink off the table. I watched as she took the straw between her lips. This had to be some form of foreplay torture. First the swimsuit, then rubbing herself down, and now this? As she sucked the liquid down, I began to get hard just thinking about what those lips would look like wrapped around the end of my cock.

I couldn’t watch her a second longer. I pulled the drink away from her mouth and she gave me a quizzical look. “We need to talk.”



Elisabeth Grace BWAuthor Bio:

I have a soft spot for romance novels with happily ever afters and a HOT spot for alpha males! I currently live outside Toronto, Canada with my hubby, two small children and cat spawned by the devil. Life is busy, but never to busy for a good story and to share my love of reading and writing with others. Things I can tell you that sum me up…I’m a sugar and carb addict, self-professed Gandy Girl, a disaster in the kitchen, a LOVER of all music, I enjoy reality TV and I’m an early riser! When I have a moment to breath you can usually find me typing furiously on the keyboard to get my next story on paper, or curled up reading about someone else’s HEA.




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Overall: 4.2

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