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8 Weeks Blog Tour

8 Weeks Blog Tour8 Weeks by Bethany Lopez
Series: Time For Love Series #1
on 3/21/14
Genres: Romance
Pages: 268
Format: eARC
Is eight weeks enough time to earn back the love of someone you've betrayed...the only one you've ever loved?

Shelly has been in love with Cal since they started dating in eleventh grade. Despite everyone saying that the odds were against them, they got married after graduation and built a life together. Now, six years later, she is faced with the ultimate betrayal. Devastated, her first instinct is to call it quits…

After a drunken binge at his best friends’ bachelor party, Cal betrays the one person who has always been there for him, his wife, Shelly. Terrified and realizing she might divorce him, Cal must come up with a way to prove to her that his love is true…

Cal asks Shelly for eight weeks. Eight weeks to convince her that their marriage is worth the fight. Will Shelly be able to trust him again, or will their marriage end the way many others do when faced with opposition… In divorce?

8 Weeks is book 1 in the Time for Love series, but can be read as a stand alone.
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Kristina’s Review:

Cheating is always a hard subject to tackle in as a plot line. It hits on so many nerves, and emotions with readers. No matter how you don’t want to personalize the situation, you do. It can literally make a reader’s decision of whether they hate a book or love it. With that said, this is not one of those stories where your opinion on cheating with over shadow the actual story. It’s sort of hard to get frustrated at either side, because the author wrote the cheating scenario very differently than I’ve read it before.

Cal, and Shelly are highschool sweethearts who set out to prove that young love can last. Marrying right out of highschool they have spent the last six years in marital bliss. It is so obvious the strong Love the two characters feel for one another. This is a marriage fed on Love, and Trust.

One moment changed that bliss for the happily married couple. A “weak” moment altered their future, and changed the entire dynamic of Cal, and Shelly’s relationship.

There are a few things that I found myself not enjoying. A large part was the stone wall that Shelly became. I completely understand where she came from. I GET that she was wrecked. Her world was thrown upside down, and her trust shattered. What I didn’t like was the lack of communication. It just didn’t seem realistic for a couple that had been together for so long, and married for the majority of that. There were a couple conflicts that also seemed to never resolve. One character in particular seemed as if she was causing a major conflict, then nothing was heard of again from her. It may be a foreshadowing in the future story, but I was left sort of confused. Also the ending although very awesome, ended abruptly. That was a bit of a bummer.

Here is what I did like from the pacing of the story. I adored how the couple grew as individuals. I loved watching Shelly branch out into herself. I also loved how Cal supported every single one of Shelly’s whims. The dates were so sweet. Each date played out with such heart and thoughtfulness. It was rewarding when it needed to be, and hard when you felt comfortable. Nothing was easy with this couple. I enjoyed the work each put into it.

This was an extremely quick read, that told a sweet second chance story. This book sets up A LOT background with the other characters, and needs to be read before the next in the series. Can’t wait to see what’s to come for these characters.


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Rating Report
Overall: 3.5

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