New Release: Forever and Almost Always Review + Giveaway!

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New Release: Forever and Almost Always Review + Giveaway!

New Release: Forever and Almost Always Review + Giveaway!Forever and Almost Always by Amanda Bennett
on 1/11/14
Format: eARC
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SynopsisWhat do you do when the one person you have always wanted, you can almost never have?

We found each other by chance and it was perfect, easy and everything I could have asked for. Our love was one for the books. When he moved next door, my entire world flipped upside down and inside out, but it was the best feeling I had ever experienced. Until the time came to choose between him and my family. I was young and in love, but in the end, I chose my family. I’ve regretted that decision since the day I made it. Now fate has given me a second chance with the one person I knew I was always supposed to be with. But this time so much more was standing in our way.

Can I choose him over the life I’ve come to know?

Will he be able to forgive me and give us a second chance? I

s true love really enough to conquer everything standing in our way?

Sometimes the hardest decisions in life, are the most liberating, I just hope that this time I made the right one.

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Kristina’s Review:

Knowing how much I adored Beautifully Broken, made my need to read this book that much more. I always lean more towards authors I have previously enjoyed. With that said, I have so many emotions with Forever and Almost Always. I adored the main characters from the first page. I liked the dual POV's. I also giggled at the secondary characters, and the relationship they held with Dax/Charlee. My only issue with this story was pacing, and overall construction of the story. Sometimes I felt really lost in what time it was. This was such a good plot, that I easily read it in one sitting, but I was whiplashed from page to page with the timing/pacing of FAA. 
The relationship in many ways mimicked the typical early twenties relationships, and I found that endearing. I mean come on ladies, we can admit that guys are sometimes stupid when it comes to relationships. We see a whole new Dax at the turn of the book. He has grown up, and genuinely cares about how his actions effect others. 
Regardless of the pacing issue it was still a good story of learning to fall in love wholly, and reoccurring from the heartache. A 3.5 read for me! 

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Forever and Almost Always Cover

Dax“I honestly, never thought you loved me that much. I always thought I loved you more.”

It was literally killing me to talk to her about all of this. I knew deep down, it was a good thing, to get it all out in the open and be over it, but a part of me knew it would only make saying good bye, harder. “Honestly Charlee, I felt more strongly than I led on. It was

hard for me when you left. I would love more than anything to see you, but if we were to meet up, it would literally wreck her. She knows the love I felt for you, and she feels like she will never be able to live up to that. And, I’m not sure that I could see you without having feelings get involved.”



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Amanda currently lives in Utah with her many men (her husband, two little boys, and two dogs). She is an avid San Francisco 49ers and Dexter fan. In high school she developed a love for writing and storytelling, and in the past couple years has made it her passion as she just released her ninth book.

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